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    But, as we start to lift our heads from the immediate emergency work that has been distracting us from emotions, other feelings will start to come into play. Change is often a scary concept, but as we recognise that the way we work will probably never be the same again, we need to support ourselves and each other to tackle the daunting 'new normal' ahead. Individuals and organisations are both going to need help at the same time.

    Organisations getting into debt, struggling with workload and facing laying people off. Priorities: Providing emergency support. Coordinating knowledge and learning and making it easy, accessible and timely.

    Many small charities already live hand to mouth and may be dependent on overdrafts in the coming weeks. The impact of the change, shock and grief is causing overwhelm as we are faced with making ever more and rapid decisions without the amount of thinking time to consider the consequences as we would like.

    For legal aid providers and other organisations who provide a pay per case service cashflow will be a huge immediate risk. Questions: With income reduced, how do we keep paying the staff who we need to provide the support?

    Furloughing is not an option for all organisations, but which staff might we furlough?

    What opportunities lie ahead for proportionate pay cuts for those who can afford it? How can funders decide get additional cash into bank accounts of their grantees and possibly recent or previous grantees that will stave off the crisis? How do we find and offer headspace to help with the crucial decision making? The sector has come together as never before, collaborating and sharing, but we need focus, targeted responses and we need transparency, openness and freedom from ego.

    This is a societal issue, not about an individual or organisation. For now we are all the same.

    The rule of law already critical and the role of regulation and compliance become more crucial. We need to: Identify our leaders and rally behind them, give them all the collective, data, evidence, support and backing they need to advocate for us all. Pool our learning, knowledge, expertise and experience in any way that can be pooled. One example is the LiP Network www. What are the other highlights? Benefits issues will come to a head - but as the 5 week wait for Universal credit elapses for the initial applicants, there will be at least limited support for the most vulnerable though the system will struggle to cope with increased numbers.

    Support will be needed for the undoubted increase of people experiencing domestic violence. Questions: How do we deal with challenges of complex employment issues as the number of cases overwhelm us? How do we help people into new work opportunities and volunteering to help with mental health? How do we provide public education and awareness about debt?

    ELZAPOP.EXE.....aiuto concreto?

    How can we support and lobby for better debt management and better debt resolution? How do we get domestic violence victims out of danger fast and securely?

    Organisations will be faced with hard choices and need to make tough decisions. The patchwork of tools, resources, and people that provided a sticking plaster to our immediate issues will start to peel off. This is really crunch time. Do we appeal to funders to keep us going, and see us through to the other end or do we re-evaluate what we do, how we do it and who we do it with? Can we allow ourselves to break away from what we see as the destruction of the frontline to focus on what our organisations will need to be in a society that has been similarly devastated?

    Questions: How do we stay focused on our mission and the essentials? How can we re-prioritise work?

    Molto più che documenti.

    How can we re-design services, iterate and learn? How can we access funding that will keep us going and help us prepare without overly bureaucratic application forms and a long time before we get the cash?

    The sector and its funders and supporters and regulators will need to come together and rationalise. What will be the focus and priority areas and problems facing us six to twelve months down the line? We may need to rely on our funders and leaders to make the decisions we collectively cannot make; which models of service delivery are valid and which are not, which systems are we investing in and which we are not, which organisations will be working together on joint projects and who else will be brought in to ensure services are provided in a sensible holistic way.

    Questions: How do we decide who is best placed to do what?

    How do we support those who are making the hard choices? How does regulation and compliance need to adapt to keep the show on the road?

    Individuals will have gone through homeless, hunger, unemployment, debt and in some cases domestic violence. Hopefully jobs will start to become available as services, retail and manufacturing reopen. That will further increase pressure on paying mortgage and rents. The need for legal, mediation and advice services will be huge. A big assumption. How do we monitor actual legal need and advice need over the next few weeks Spring into Summer?

    In molte scene Zeus, quando bisognava presentare un nuovo personaggio, faceva partire la musica e si metteva a ballare, disturbando il presentatore.

    Lo spettacolo e stato molto bello anche perche tutti i ragazzi che recitavano a volte sbagliavano e quindi tutti ci mettevamo a ridere. Spero che questa iniziativa sara fatta anche il prosimo anno e spero che lo spettacolo sia divertente come questo. Dormi con gli squali e vivi una notte..

    Con gli attori della compagnia teatrale!! Un grande ringraziamento a tutte le scuole che hanno partecipato con le loro opere! Una mattina gratuita per la scuola primaria!

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